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The Eos Key

A Wynter Blood Series Novel


A slow-burn romance between two people who have both had their heart broken more times than they care to count. Heartache and emotional suffering are unfortunately all too familiar. Follow Alia and Eric in their relationship as they learn how to open themselves up to love, to trust, and the possibility of happiness in their future.


A power shift is taking place in the supernatural world, and every daemon, witch, vampire, and werewolf can smell it. The only questions left are, who will get to this new power first? And, how far will they have to go to get it?


The Accords have been the ruling council for over four hundred years. Ever since they first found a mysterious source of power unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Now, it seems as if that same power has returned to Ash City. And the Wynter family holds the key to unlocking it.

D.M. Lewry


Deanna has completed her debut novel, The Eos Key, a new adult, paranormal romance in which the African American heroine, Alia Carter, discovers the supernatural world exists, and she's been in the middle of it since the day she was born.

The first book in the Wynter Blood Series, The Eos Key is currently available for ARC Review. Deanna has already started to write the second book in the Wynter Blood Series which will continue the story of Alia Carter, and her family's history with the Wynter family of vampires.

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