D.M. Lewry

Mother, Wife, Woman, Author

D.M. Lewry has completed her debut novel, The Eos Key, a new adult, paranormal romance in which the African American heroine, Alia Carter, discovers the supernatural world exists, and she's been in the middle of it since the day she was born.

The first book in the Wynter Blood Series, The Eos Key is currently available for ARC Review. She has already started writing the second book in the Wynter Blood Series which will continue the story of Alia Carter, and her family's history with the Wynter family of vampires.

D.M. Lewry lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada with her young son, husband, and two apathetic cats.

What People Are Saying...

Just a little bit about myself.

  • 2017 - Best Romance Book - Capricorn
  • 2016 - Most Popular Author, Readers Choice
  • 2016, May - Best Selling Book - Gemini
  • 2016 - Best Adventure Book Nomination - Leo

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