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If you’re anything like me, you were an avid fan of the TV show The Vampire Diaries. The romance, the angst, the villains you just loved to hate (Ahem, Katherine. Ahem, Kai.) The love triangle between Elena, Stefan, and Damon was so incredible and so frustrating, you couldn’t help but pine for the next episode as soon as the one you were watching came to an end.

When I first started writing, I started in fan fiction. I suppose many people do. I was all about Smallville and Third Watch. I swear those shows helped to shape my entire teen life. You can still find my earliest work over at under the username -Mamma D-.

It was so exciting to come up with story line for the characters I already knew and loved. Every fan of any show has always had a moment where they wished to see their favourite character in a certain situation or solving a particular problem. Especially when it came to romance, and the relationships between characters. I have always been team Damon, from the books to the television series. Damon is the outcast, he’s the loner, the dangerous and powerful outsider that no one likes, but everyone is scared of. Damon was everything to me when it came to TVD. So when Elena finally came to terms with her feelings for him, I was over the moon!

When Elena finally turned, and became Damon’s girlfriend and lover, I couldn’t have been happier. The tension, the romance, the angst between Elena, Stefan and Damon, it was almost more than my young heart (at the time) could manage. In later years, my heart shifted towards Bonnie and Damon, and eventually, Bonnie and Enzo, but Damon will always be my first TVD love.

I came across this video some time ago of Ian Somerhalder reading Thirsty TVD fan fiction, and I had to share. Just try not to cringe (or swoon) as he reads these passages from real TVD fan fiction stories which can be found online.

What’s your favourite part?

Mine? Every damn second of it.

Have you ever written fan fiction?

What was it about?

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