The Eos Key: Wynter Blood Book 1 – Prologue


A sneak peek behind the cover of The Eos Key: Wynter Blood Book 1, by D.M. Lewry.


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After a failed attempt to end her life, Alia Carter leaves her childhood home in the country to become a waitress in one of the city’s most prominent hotels. Traumatized after her mother’s death, she silently grapples with her pain until she saves the life of a mysterious man with ocean eyes who reveals to her a world of true magic, and terrifying wonder.

Eric Wynter may be a vampire ward sworn to protect the creatures of the city, but after centuries of sameness, life no longer holds any real meaning and he is ready to end his existence. For Eric, there isn’t much worth living for anymore.

When fate brings them together, Alia is irresistibly drawn into Eric’s world, where witches and vampires are more than childish bedtime stories. Together, they discover she too has an incredible power that runs through her veins. A power so irresistible, every creature in the city will kill to get their share of it…

Will Alia allow Eric into her life, and into her heart? Will Eric be able to defy destiny and keep those he loves safe? The Eos Key is a dark and magical story that will keep you spellbound long after the last page.