The Eos Key


Alia Carter is no stranger to tragedy. The death of her parents at the tender age of five, has left an indelible mark on her soul. Especially when she witnessed them being devoured by the impossible, a creature that can’t exist in any reasonable form of reality. Her uncle gave her a more reasonable explanation for her parents’ disappearance and Alia clings to that explanation desperately. Her childhood memory can’t be real. Everyone knows there are no such thing as monsters. But as her life reveals more discoveries, Alia, slowly learns that Magic can be terrifyingly real … but Magic also has the ability to reveal something beautiful within herself.

This was a good story and well written. I enjoyed how it begins immediately with a calamity (one of my favorite styles of introducing a story) and I liked how the protagonist was African American like me. I’ve read some stories mostly romances with Black characters, but it’s more rarer for Blacks to star in fantasy type novels. I’ve already [pre-ordered] a copy because I want to read this story in pristine condition. Unfortunately it won’t be released until July 2021. But D.M. Lewry’s ‘The Eos Key’ is worth the wait. – Chere Taylor – Advanced Reader Copy Review

I loved the book it had me on the edge of my seat every chapter. The romance, the drama, and the action were all well tied into each other and made for an excellent read. Keep up the good work I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Eric and Alia. – Erin Smith – A.R.C. Review

I don’t normally enjoy vampires being one of the main characters but I’m loving this story and definitely Eric!!!! – D – A.R.C. Review

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A slow-burn romance between two people who have both had their heart broken more times than they care to count. Heartache and emotional suffering are unfortunately all too familiar. Follow Alia and Eric in their relationship as they learn how to open themselves up to love, to trust, and the possibility of happiness in their future.


A power shift is taking place in the supernatural world, and every daemon, witch, vampire, and werewolf can smell it. The only questions left are, who will get to this new power first? And, how far will they have to go to get it?


The Accords have been the ruling council for over four hundred years. Ever since they first found a mysterious source of power unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Now, it seems as if that same power has returned to Ash City. And the Wynter family holds the key to unlocking it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed these preview chapters, and I am hooked and want to find out more! The way you write allows a connection to the characters that draws us in and routes for them in conflict. The plot is amazingly written and starts at the point where she has literally just found out about the supernatural world around her. I eagerly wait for more.

Cameron Jones - ARC Reviewer

It's beautiful! The plot, the writing, the setting- everything is perfect. Your sense of growth is also amazing.

Pranjali Aditi - ARC Reviewer